Why is my deposit pending?

What are the usual processing timelines for each deposit method?


The processing period for deposits varies depending on the payment method being used.


Let’s define some terms:

  • Banking day: Monday to Friday except for legal holidays
  • Calendar day: Monday to Sunday including legal holidays

Cash (UnionBank over-the-counter), InstaPay, and UnionBank-to-UnionBank transfers

These are the fastest methods to fund your NextPay account. If a deposit was made during banking hours (8AM-6PM) of the same banking day, the funds will be reflected in your account within 30 minutes.

PESONet, Wire Transfers, and Check Deposit

Deposits made through PESONet, wire transfers, and check deposits may take 1-3 banking days for them to reach NextPay for crediting to your account, following their standard clearing times.

Tip: Make sure the details you log in - date of your transaction, account number, and amount - exactly match the details shown in your proof of deposit match for faster processing.

Why is my deposit pending?

There could be a few reasons why your deposit is still being processed:


  1. PESONet standard clearing/settlement times
    The clearing day and time may vary depending on the time that the transaction was made, as well as on the cutoff times of the bank you transferred from. Please check your bank’s PESONet policies for more information.
  2. Funds in transit from the source account to NextPay
    Wire transfers and check deposits may be subject to delays depending on the journey of the money transfer from the source account of the customer to the destination bank of NextPay.
  3. Foreign exchange conversion rate
    Wire transfers (international/overseas) may take some extra time as the final amount may be subject to change due to foreign exchange rate movements while the funds are in transit.