What are advanced payouts?

Payments can be deposited to your NextPay account before the next schedule.

Note: This feature is only available for accounts under Level 2: Standard and Level 3: Verified. How do I upgrade my account?

With the Advance Payout feature, you can now select a specific payment to advance by doing the following:

1. Select a payment within your consumption limit in your invoice or payment link tables.
  • For invoices, payouts that are eligible for advanced payout have a lightning icon beside the status chip. Select the invoice transaction, click ‘Advance this payout’, and confirm.

    status chip

    payout banner

  • For payment links, click the kebab (3 dots) icon, select ‘Advance Payout’, and confirm.

    Pl advanced payout

2. The selected payment will be deposited immediately to your NextPay account.


See “Advanced Payouts - Frequently Asked Questions” to learn more.