How do I send money via NextPay?

You can send money to a single recipient or in large batches to any bank and eWallets in the Philippines. There are no minimum or maximum quantities or amounts.

From our platform, you can send payments out to all your employees' salaries and suppliers to any bank or eWallet they already use. Transfers are instant, and recipients will receive an SMS and email confirmation once they receive the funds.

To send money via batch disbursements, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Create employee or supplier records in your directory
  2. Ensure there are funds in your NextPay account (you can do this via invoices or deposits. If you're an international company, you can wire a deposit to your NextPay account).
  3. Set up a disbursement in the Disbursements tab
  4. Follow the steps and enter the amounts needed and authorize the disbursement

Once your authorizer/s unanimously approves the disbursement, your employees or suppliers should receive their payments instantly or within the day (depending on the receiving account type).


Where you can send money to:


Send money to any bank in the Philippines that accepts InstaPay and PesoNET. Note that some rural banks may not be able to accept digital payments yet.


Send money to any significant eWallet in the Philippines including GCash, PayMaya, Coins, or GrabPay accounts.

Remittance Centers (via Sendah Remit)

Send money to recipients who prefer picking funds up at remittance centers throughout the Philippines. Your recipients must bring at least 1 piece of Government-issued ID and the reference numbers to claim their funds.

See here for the list of branches your recipients can claim from.


UPDATE: We have temporarily disabled the Send Money to Remittance Center feature starting 05 August 2022, with no definite date yet for it going back online. Our Send Money feature to major banks and e-wallets is operating as per usual.