What do I do if I accidentally logged an incorrect deposit amount?

Logging all the correct details helps ensure the deposit is recorded properly. Doing this also minimizes the risk of delays in crediting your NextPay account.

In case of an erroneous/duplicate filing, you can use the ‘Cancel deposit log’ option as long as its status is still ‘Under review’ or ‘Initiated’:

  1. Go to the Deposits page and click on the specific log you want to cancel. 
  2. Click the ‘Cancel deposit log’ option, which can be found just below the ‘‘Proof of deposit’.
  3. [If applicable] You can then log the deposit again with the correct details.

Note: This will cancel only the incorrect/duplicate filing of a deposit. This will not reverse the actual fund transfer made to NextPay’s account.

For other concerns related to your deposits, please contact us at support@nextpay.ph or use the support chat widget.