How long does it take to send and receive my disbursement?

With NextPay, you can easily schedule and send quick transfers or batch disbursements to your employees or suppliers to any Philippine bank or e-Wallet of their choice. There's no need to enroll anyone in a new account or even write checks - everything is digital!

Transfers are sent and received within minutes or the next banking day, depending on the recipient’s bank.


Let’s define some terms:

  • Banking day: Monday to Friday except for legal holidays
  • Calendar day: Monday to Sunday including legal holidays

What are the usual processing timelines for each disbursement method?


InstaPay, and UnionBank-to-UnionBank transfers

These are the fastest methods to send money to another account. If a disbursement was made or scheduled during banking hours (8AM-6PM) of the same banking day, the funds will be reflected in your recipient's account within 30 minutes.


Disbursements made through PESONet may take 1-3 banking days for them to reach your recipient's account, following their standard clearing times.


Remember to keep your recipient information up to date. Make sure to update your recipient details before creating a disbursement. Changes made after processing can't be reflected in that particular disbursement.

What are the different transaction statuses on my dashboard?

Status Definition
Draft It appears that you have started a disbursement, but have not yet completed the process.
Needs approval

The disbursement authorizer needs to review and confirm the disbursement request before it can be processed.

Note: In the case of multiple authorizers, all must give their approval for the disbursement to proceed. For assistance with single authorizer disbursements, please contact our support team.


There are a few reasons why your disbursement is pending: 

  • Some transactions may experience longer processing times due to issues with our payment partner's API calls. Typically, it takes approximately 2-3 banking days for the transaction to be resolved or obtain a final status in such cases.
  • The disbursement is still being transferred to the recipient's account.
Scheduled Your disbursement requests have been authorized and scheduled for the date indicated.
Partially complete For batch disbursements:

  • Some transactions may not push through due to errors in the recipient's banking information. To avoid any issues, make sure to keep their details up to date before scheduling a disbursement. 
  • When our payment partner's API calls encounter issues, certain transactions may take longer to process. In these cases, it typically requires about 2-3 banking days to resolve the transaction or obtain a final status.
Rejected At least one or more disbursement authorizer has rejected the disbursement for any reason.
Failed Sometimes, there could be an issue with the recipient's bank that could delay the transfer. If this issue persists, it means the funds weren't successfully disbursed and are still in your account. You’ll need to create another disbursement to process your payment again.
Expired At least one or more disbursement authorizers didn’t approve the disbursement within the allowed timeframe.
Completed Your disbursement was successfully sent to your recipient(s).


How will I know if my disbursement is completed?

After your disbursement is completed, you and all of your recipients will receive a confirmation email and SMS with the details of the transfer. The recipient may receive the transfer by the next banking day, depending on their bank.

You can also schedule and approve disbursements in advance as long as you have a balance in your NextPay account.

If the transfer takes longer than expected due to banking network delays, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support chat widget. We'll be happy to help!