How do I use QR codes to accept payments?

QR codes are now instantly generated for all your payment links! They give you another convenient way to share your payment links with your customers so you can get paid easily.

What do the QR codes do?

When your customer scans the QR code using a smartphone (or any device with a camera that can read QR codes), they will be redirected to your payment link on their device’s browser.

What can I do with my QR code?

Do you have a physical storefront? Go cashless by printing out your QR code so your customers can easily scan and pay you via their preferred method.

Are you an online seller? Post your QR code on your page so customers have another way to access your payment link!

How do I create a QR code for my payment link?

Just create a payment link as usual and a QR code will be generated automatically, which you can easily download and share.

Can I create a QR code for my existing payment link?

QR codes are available even for payment links you’ve previously created! 

  1. Go to “Payment Links & QRs”
  2. Click on the payment link
  3. Click “View QR Code”

Help! My customer is unable to scan my QR code.

Tip #1: Check with your customer if their internet connection is stable.

Tip #2: Check that they are using the default camera app on their smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code — most modern iOS and Android devices have this feature built in. Otherwise, they may use an app like Viber or any dedicated QR code-scanning app of their choice.

Note: Your QR code cannot be scanned directly using eWallet apps (such as GCash, PayMaya, etc.) or digital banking apps.