How do I batch upload recipients?

With the new and improved batch import feature, it is now possible to upload both new and existing recipients when disbursing to more than one recipient at a time even without adding them to their respective directories. There will be an option at the end that would ask you if you would like to add these new recipients in your directory. 

In addition, you can now disburse to the same recipient multiple times in the batch disbursement if in case you may have multiple payables with different amounts and/or different receiving options to the same recipient. Another is that you can also batch upload recipients together with the Payslip Notes.

Finally, if you only want to batch disburse to a certain group within your directory and not have to select manually each eligible recipients, then you can do so by only batch uploading those intended recipients.






Required fields are highlighted in blue and depending on the chosen ‘Receiving Option,’ this will also highlight the required fields that would need to be filled up per `Receiving Option.' 

Please note that once you have uploaded the .CSV file, there will be a validation check to ensure that there are no missing columns, no missing required fields, no incorrect input (i.e. inputting a name under ‘Net Amount’ field) and will also inform you of possible duplicates that you may or may want to remove/keep.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you may now proceed with the normal batch disbursement as per usual, check the details and then finally have the disbursement authorized/approved.