What if my recipient did not receive their funds?

Transfers take minutes, but there may be a number of possible reasons why your recipient did not receive their funds.


Let’s define some terms:

  • Banking day: Monday to Friday except for legal holidays
  • Calendar day: Monday to Sunday including legal holidays

  1. The transaction is still being processed or there's a bank error. From time to time, there may be delays in the delivery of funds. Depending on the receiving bank, or possibly even system traffic, the recipient may receive their funds after 1-3 extra business days. There may also be a bank error, but the issue should resolve within the next business day.
  2. The details on their record are incorrect. First, double-check the details on their record if the account name and number are exactly as it is registered on their bank / e-Wallet.

    If the details are incorrect, the transaction will automatically fail and you will be refunded the amount—fees included—back into your NextPay account.

    If the details are correct or they have already received the money in that account through NextPay, it may still be processed.

Do not worry—any unsent balance and fees are immediately refunded back into your account balance. When you're ready, you may resend the transaction at any time.

Should any errors persist, please get in touch with us at support@nextpay.ph or use the support chat widget.