Advanced Payouts - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Advanced Payouts?

You can now have customer payments deposited to your NextPay account ahead of the payout schedule, subject to transaction eligibility.

Note: This feature is only available for accounts under Level 2: Standard and Level 3: Verified. How do I upgrade my account?

Which payments can I advance?

You can advance payment if it fulfills all three requirements:

  1. Was paid via e-wallet (GCash, Maya, or GrabPay) or Online Banking (BPI, UnionBank)
  2. Falls within your available Payment Advances limit
  3. Has a status of “Processing payout”

How much can I advance?

You can receive up to PHP 10,000 in advance, and the limit resets with each successful payout.

How do I check my available Payment Advances limit?

You can view your spent and available limit as follows:

  1. Go to your NextPay Dashboard.
  2. Click the kebab (3 dots) icon next to your Main Account Balance.
  3. Click “View limits”.

When does my limit reset?

The maximum you can get as an advance payout is still PHP 10,000.


The amount of money you can receive as an advance payout depends on how much money you have successfully received in the most recent payout schedule. For example, if you got an advance payout of P9,000 for a particular payout day, you can only get P1,000 more until your next payout. Once you receive your payout, the amount you can receive as an advance payout will depend on how much money you received successfully.


So if you only received P6,000 in your payout, you can now receive an advance payout of up to P7,000, because P6,000 (successful payout amount) + P1,000 (remaining consumption limit) = P7,000 (available consumption limit).

Can I partially advance a payment?

Payouts cannot be partially advanced.

For example, if you have PHP 2,000.00 left in your advanced payout consumption, and you have a payment for a payout worth PHP 3,000.00, then the entire payment is not eligible for Advanced Payout.

How do I advance a payout?

For invoice payments:

  1. Select a payment within your consumption limit in your invoice or payment link tables.
    • For invoices, payouts that are eligible for advanced payout have a lightning icon beside the status chip. Select the invoice transaction, click ‘Advance this payout’, and confirm.

      status chippayout banner

For payment link transactions:

  1. From your payment links dashboard, click on the specific payment link to view the customer payment table.
  2. On the payments table, click the kebab (3 dots) icon at the far right of the payment you want to advance.
  3. Select “Advance payout” and confirm.

    Pl advanced payout
  4. The selected payment will be deposited immediately to your NextPay account.

Why can’t I advance a particular payment?

Check if the payment meets all eligibility criteria mentioned above.

Some reasons a specific payment cannot be advanced include:

  1. The payment was made via Debit or Credit card.
  2. The payment exceeds your remaining available Payment Advances limit (P10,000) for a particular payout schedule.
  3. The payment has not been completed on your customer’s end (“Pending” or “Expired”).
  4. The payment has already been paid out to your NextPay account (“Payout complete”).

If all eligibility criteria are met and you are still unable to advance the payout, please contact us at or use the support chat widget.